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47, follower of the teachings of Christ, as well as classic Stoicism, and a person on a journey to better understand the world and the people in it.

Controversial, possibly offensive, but true. Read at your own discretion. You have been warned.

Here on The Takedown, I have never shied away from saying exactly what I mean, exactly the way in which I mean it.

What I am going to post today may cost me readers. I understand that. It would sadden me, but I understand it.

It may be controversial. I understand that.

It may make people upset with me. I understand that.

All that being said, I’m going to post this anyway, with the willingness to take my lumps.

Many people do not believe in a literal Hell. I do. Why? Because of articles like this one.

In the movie “Sahara,” an Italian soldier is being badgered by a Nazi to join him in trying to murder Allied soldiers. The Italian soldier refuses and then says “But are my eyes blind that I must fall to my knees to worship a maniac who has made of my country a concentration camp, who has made of my people slaves? Must I kiss the hand that beats me, lick the boot that kicks me, no! I rather spend my whole life living in this dirty hole than escape to fight again for things I do not believe against people I do not hate. As for your Hitler, it’s because of a man like him that God – my God – created Hell!

Am I comparing Sarah Silverman and those who would stand with her in this to Hitler? Yes. Yes, I am. Why? Because there’s a great difference between being in favor of a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion (which is, currently, the law) and being so crass, so in your face, so disgustingly VILE that you would not only encourage people to be loud and proud about a procedure that ends a life in a way that would never be performed on the most fiendish criminal, but would want a coffee table book published about it. In that respect – her absolute disrespect for the sanctity of life and her selective outrage about what life should and should not be ended in the name of convenience, that I compare her to one of the most vile maniacs to ever curse the world of men.

And so I, The Doctor, the author and writer of The Belgian Takedown, apply the Boot of Truth to this and say that it is because of her, and people LIKE her, that God – MY God, created Hell!

Sarah – may you change your ways and see the error of them before you step into a VERY unpleasant eternity – though in truth, unfortunately, I doubt you will, you soulless fiend.

May God grant that none of us ever run into someone like this my friends.


Respect me even though I don’t respect myself – or – the irony of posing nude to demand respect

I could type up a long, involved diatribe on the article I am going to post a link to, but I believe that this comment, found in the comment section below it says it best:

“Ok. So the Me Too … don’t touch me …
respect me as a person… don’t see me as an object
Movement decides the way to promote their cause is by posing nude.” 

Ladies, women, whatever term you may want for yourselves, as a man and as a human being I beg you – please don’t let these people define “feminism” for you. It’s not. Classic feminism wasn’t about being shrill and shouting down anyone who disagreed with you, or being as obnoxious as you could possibly be, or stripping your clothes off to prove a point. It wasn’t about misandry or blaming all the evils of the world on men because you didn’t get what you felt life owed you.

It was about ensuring an equal shake for equal skills and abilities, and about celebrating the differences that make us men and women, instead of using them as a reason to discriminate. I remember that feminism, and support it. What’s called “feminism” today is a far, far cry from that.

Here’s the link – and God bless, my friends.

The irony of selective outrage

The Boot of Truth is a simple one, today – stick to what you know, and what you do or at the very least, be consistent when you do it. I’m looking specifically at Ben and Jerry’s, a Vermont based ice cream company that for some odd reason seems to feel compelled to keep making ice cream flavors that have some kind of political statement or reflect their personal views.

Strangely enough, I would think people making ice cream would just make ice cream and try to encourage as many people as they could to buy it, rather than covering it with messages that alienate swaths of your potential buyers, but I digress…

The latest stint of theirs is found in this article, which you can read at your leisure. I’ll wait:

“Ok,” you may be thinking, “so what?” So this – one of the figures on the artwork for the ice cream is intended to honor Linda Sarsour. This is, apparently, because they feel she is a defender of women’s rights and, of course, because she hates our current President and anything that has his name attached to it. However, she seems an odd choice for them, considering the following:

  1. She supports Black Lives Matter, a known violent group who is very selective in their support of which black lives matter. They say nothing, for example, about the numbers of murders caused by black on black crime, or the disproportionate numbers of black babies aborted every year by Planned Parenthood. (Yet the President hates blacks and needs to be opposed)
  2. She is on record as having said of women who don’t agree with her that they “should have their vaginas taken away,” and “they don’t deserve to be called women.” (Yet the President is horrible and intolerant and needs to be opposed)
  3. She is a well know associate of Louis Farrakhan, who most recently described Jews as “termites,” and also is very vocal in her support of Hatem Bazian, who is known to frequently re-Tweet anti-Semetic hate speech. (Yet the President cares nothing for Jews and needs to be opposed)
  4. For being a “defender of women,” she is known to hold the view that Islam is not misogynistic, and also as a defender of Rasmea Odeh, a convicted terrorist who emigrated to the US after being released in Isreal. (Yet the President is supposedly advocating violence and needs to be opposed)
  5. She also has stated that Muslims should not “humanize” Israelis (Yet the President is not treating people with respect and needs to be opposed)

The list goes on, but the point is made. B&J, as so many do, seem to be very selective in their outrage and what they notice about a person. I thank God that I haven’t touched their product since they first entered the political arena who knows how long ago.

Friends, you all can make your own decisions but I encourage you to think about this long and hard should you be tempted to support them or their product. Are these really the type of people you want to support?

I’ll take my ice cream without the politics and hypocrisy, thank you. It leaves a better taste in my mouth.

God bless, my friends.


Fred Rogers, the patron Saint of being a neighbor.

I am not a fan of the item known as the “Google Doodle.” Far too often, as many have noted, they are extremely one sided, indeed, the charge can be made that they show explicit bias in who and what they choose to celebrate. This once, however, I believe they got it right, and a duly-approved tip of the hat is hereby given to them as they celebrate Fred Rogers and his legacy.

51 years ago today, the first episode of what would become an American institution, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, was filmed. It did not air until the following February, but it was filmed on September 21, 1967.

Whether you grew up watching him or not, love him or hate him one thing can be said about Fred Rogers: he truly exemplified what it meant to be a neighbor and to love others as Christ loved them. No, he didn’t use his show to explicitly preach the Christian ethics that he believed. No, he didn’t thunder and bellow Hellfire and damnation to those he met whom, I am sure, he knew were living a life that did not hold with the morals he ascribed to. (Many have said he should have, which is a sentiment that I disagree with. That wasn’t his calling.) What he did do was remind everyone who watched his show, and everyone who met him that they were special. They were unique. In all this universe and beyond, there was no one just like them. No one was MORE special, no one was LESS special. We were ALL special in our own, unique ways.

That’s worth celebrating.

Here’s an article from Forbes on the Doodle itself, and his legacy.

God bless, my friends.


A sobering reality check, but sadly, one that’s needed

I ran across this video and felt it was definitely worth sharing, for many reasons. First and foremost, I believe that it stresses an idea that is all too prevalent in many people today: the idea that “evil” isn’t real, and that if we just can learn to “understand” and “get along” with others, we’ll all live in a happy utopia where everyone will be good to one another. (Or, if you are a child of the 80’s as I am, “Be excellent to each other.” Bonus points if you understand the reference) Secondly, I believe it’s a good video because the creator of it expresses his points clearly and concisely, using evidence to back them up. He doesn’t make a “SEE? STUPID PEOPLE GET WHAT THEY DESERVE” type video, nor does he mock or insult the subjects. In a world where that is all too often the case, kudos to him for doing it. Finally, I believe it is important because it reinforces an idea that we have never shied away from here on The Takedown: the idea that evil is real, concrete, and the more that we try to make it abstract and “relative,” the more danger we put ourselves and others in. The Takedown will ALWAYS put the Boot of Truth to the lie that it is not so. 

Lest anyone point at this and say “This is just one example! You’re painting with a broad brush!”, let me respectfully suggest you look at this link. Whatever you may think of the page, it lists just a small sample of those people killed by the very people they felt needed a “champion:”

If you take nothing else away from this, at least take this idea with you. If you want to live in a world of fantasy, one of sunshine, rainbows and unicorns in which everyone isn’t really bad if you get to know them, then fine. That’s your call. However, be aware that your right to potentially sacrifice yourself, your family, your possessions ends where my rights and the rights of others begin.

God bless, my friends. The video follows.

Double standards

A simple title for a simple, straightforward subject, and post. The Boot of Truth on this one is equally simple, friends: double standards are wrong, no matter who applies them.

  • When a Muslim commits an act of terrorism, we’re reminded that they don’t represent the majority of Muslims. (This is complete with shaking fingers and stentorian tones)
  • When a black man or woman commits a crime, we’re reminded to not judge all black people by these acts because not all black people are bad.
  • When a shooting occurs (such as the one that recently happened at the gaming tournament in Florida) all NRA members, the NRA itself, all gun owners and believers in the 2nd Amendment are vile murderers with blood on their hands who love their guns more than people’s lives.



Did you catch that? I did – and it keeps recurring every time a tragedy like this one happens. When it comes to guns and gun violence (well, to be fair, only gun violence that can be exploited for an agenda, since nothing is said about the constant stream of shootings and deaths done in Chicago every single day, month and year) it’s not only ok to paint with a broad brush, it’s encouraged.

It’s also a double standard.

It’s also WRONG. Period.

Remember that when the inevitable hue and cry continues and the usual suspects trot out the usual narratives complete with hand-wringing and concern “for the victims.” Ask yourself why only some occurrences and some victims are worth this concern. Look up the stats for gun-related crimes and deaths in cities like Chicago and then ask why there isn’t a constant hue and cry by these celebrities and politicians over that.

Then when you realize the answer, don’t be swayed by what they’re doing, or let them hook your emotions, whatever side of the gun debate you fall on.

Remember that double standards are wrong, no matter who applies them, or why.

Remember that ALL LIVES MATTER.

Finally, in the name of God, remember that these victims aren’t victims, to these same politicians and celebrities. They’re just a means to an end. They’re an expedient way to try and wring people’s emotions and get an agenda driven.

God bless, my friends.


The Ethical Side of Preparedness – or – “What are you prepared to do?”

I have, on The Takedown, posted various articles about preparedness and being prepared. As a reminder, when I speak on this subject I am not speaking about bunkers, doomsday, tons of ammo and years of food, or being ready for TEOTWAWKI. (The End Of The World As We Know It) I’m referring to being prepared for those emergencies and disasters, both manmade and natural, that you are likely to encounter in the area in which you live. Realistic preparedness, as I have heard the term used, many times and in many forums.

The Boot of Truth is, however, that there is a part of this that few discuss, or even look at; the idea of ethics and morality in a situation in which you have, and others do not. You’ll find a wide range of variation in responses to this idea: some call it OPSEC (OPerational Security – the idea of not broadcasting what you have), some call it “Screw you, it’s me and mine first!”, some even advocate the idea of being the “Gray Man” and not letting anyone, even friends or family, know that you are prepared because if you do, you’ll be the first one they come to. I admit freely that I had given it only cursory thought, myself. That changed, today, though, when I ran across an interview between Bob Crane (of Hogan’s Heroes fame, who also had been a disc jockey) and Rod Serling, the creator of The Twilight Zone. The interview dealt with episode #68, titled The Shelter and the reactions to the episode itself. In a nutshell, a warning is announced that a nuclear attack may be imminent. A doctor takes his family into their bomb shelter, only having enough supplies for himself and his family, while the neighbors are left with nothing, having not prepared. The episode deals with the breakdown of humanity and civility that ensues but, as Sterling mentions in the interview, it brings up a very real point as well. What would we do? What would we be willing to do to survive? What are the moral/ethical issues with that decision? He brings it back to himself and in doing so, brings that question to each of us as well. What do you do if you are safe and secure in your shelter, and your neighbor, your friend, your sister/brother/mother is at the shelter door, begging to be let in? What if it’s a child, sobbing and alone?

Here’s a link to the interview: Rod Serling talks to Bob Crane

Now, let me be clear – this is a question that each person who engages in preparedness has to answer for themselves. No one else can, or should, try to answer it for them. For myself, I do not know what I would do, as I have never been in that situation. I know what I believe I would do, but I cannot say, absolutely. I do believe, however, that it is imperative that each person who engages in preparedness to any degree address this question to themselves and their family, if they have one, and do so before you are in a crisis situation. Also, ensure that when you do ask this question of yourself, make it a question grounded in reality, and not in an abstract. It’s easier to answer “Could I turn someone away?” than it is, perhaps, to answer, “Could I turn my best friend/a child/my mother away?” Make it real, and personal, to you. Leaving things in the abstract is why we obsess and fret over the deaths in a school shooting such as the one in Newtown, Connecticut, (which are, statistically, a blip on the radar) yet say and think little to nothing of the over 1000 shot (400+ killed, 400+ of those were black) thus far in this year, alone, in Chicago.

One is an abstract, to us, while we make the other personal. Think about it for a moment.

Then, whatever you decide, be prepared, and be ready for the fact that someday, you may need to act on that decision – or not act, according to who you are.

God bless, my friends.


Situational Awareness MATTERS. Well done, gents, or “I love a happy ending!”

A story guaranteed to warm the heart, but also to remind us that at any time, at any moment, someone with evil intent, a mental breakdown or a psychotic episode can endanger not only ourselves, but innocent people around us. Now, more than ever, paying attention to our surroundings and the people in them is an important thing. Be aware of your surroundings, be aware of the people in them, and be aware of what to do in case an emergency occurs!

Don’t be one of the ones who cowers, closes your eyes and hopes for the best. DO something! The life you save could be your own.

Well done, gentlemen. Well done, indeed.

Why critical thinking is important when dealing with the media

So now the CBC (apparently, this is the Canadian Broadcasting Company – that they even existed is news to me, at the risk of a horrendous pun) has found a counselor who is treating people for what they are calling “Trump Anxiety Disorder.” It’s characterized by higher than normal levels of anxiety, “fear of the world ending,” “feeling a loss of control and helplessness, fretting and spending excessive amounts of time on social media.”

(cough) I thought that’s what a lot of people did as a general rule on social media, but I digress… 😀

What is the Boot of Truth, here? Is this a political rant? Not at all. Keep reading.

According to the CBC itself, “CBC reported that ‘Trump Anxiety Disorder’ was coined in a 2017 essay included in a book written by clinical psychologist Jennifer Panning, who said the condition was different from other anxieties because “symptoms were specific to the election of Trump and the resultant unpredictable sociopolitical climate.” 

What the CBC failed to include in their article is information readily available (but detrimental to the narrative that they are trying to present) that shows “Panning was part of petition campaign in 2017 calling for Trump to be removed from office because he ‘manifests a serious mental illness that renders him psychologically incapable of competently discharging the duties of President of the United States.’” 

The Boot of Truth is that Panning is hardly an unbiased or neutral point of view, I should think. This “disorder” comes from someone with a definite agenda. That, in and of itself, warrants a second look. It’s been going on 2 years since the current President was elected. If people are still having this much trouble adjusting to reality, I would suggest that perhaps they have larger issues (or an unscrupulous counselor) to deal with.

(And yes, for those who may be legitimately wondering, I said the same thing when, years into his Presidency, people were still screaming that Obama was the Anti-Christ, or a secret Muslim operative, or…or…)

As I have said before, I shall say again – whatever your views on the current President, whatever your political stance, or lack of one, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t stop using your critical thinking skills and looking behind the stories and headlines. Engage your brains. Use your minds. They still are the best weapons and the best defenses we have.

God bless, my friends.

Jesus was a lot of things, but a Socialist was NOT one of them.


In our world today, it is a very popular thing (oddly enough, especially among those who openly deride and denigrate Christians) to suddenly become pious when it suits your particular cause or agenda. Two favorite ways of doing this are by either making the claim that “Jesus was a Socialist!” or implying that if you don’t give to every single person who asks, whenever they ask, you’re somehow so evil and bad that you’ll single handedly make the baby Jesus weep and the angels in Heaven will cry for you every single day because you’re beyond redemption.

Well, as a Pastor friend of mine used to say, “Smells like smoke and comes from the pit of Hell.”

There IS NO VERSE that says anything even remotely like “Thou shalt giveth without question or reservation to every person that asketh, and whenever anyone shalt stick a hand out.” We’re not commanded to turn our brains off when we become Christians. We’re expected to be good stewards, and use our critical thinking before we just start handing money to people or groups.

Secondly, this article explains why Jesus not only was not, but COULD not have been a Socialist, according to His own words in Scripture. You may not believe He was the Son of God, but please don’t use Him as a way of pushing a Socialist agenda, either.

Your mind is the best weapon you have. USE it!

God bless, my friends.