DA RULES – The Framework for The Takedown, you might say.

Every site needs rules, right? Here are mine.

1. Everyone is welcome here. That being said, this is a blog written by a person whose viewpoint and stance is Christian. (That’s Christian as in “does his best to follow the example of Christ and Scripture, not “X denomination or Y affiliation.” Any other definitions and/or baggage attached are yours.) The opinions and statements expressed are mine. This is not – NOT – a theological debate site. It’s not a debate site of any kind. If you are not a believer, good for you! Welcome, but be civil. If you are a believer, good for you! Welcome, but be civil. If you’re a believer who takes a different stance on subjects than I do, good for you! Welcome, but be civil. Notice the pattern? Trolls and/or troll-ish comments will be deleted and, if necessary, the user banned. There’s no need for rudeness here.

2. Please, do not feed the trolls. A troll, according to Collins English dictionary is “a person who submits deliberately inflammatory articles to an internet discussion.” Those people are generally easy to spot. If you see a comment of that nature, ignore it. Don’t respond to it. Why? See point #1 above. Believe me, the comment (and the person) won’t last long. If you insist on feeding the trolls, chances are good your comments will be removed as well. I don’t expect this blog to be the Land of Sunshine And Rainbows Coming Out of People’s Arses, but it doesn’t need to be the standard breeding ground for insults and arguments, either.

3. This is not, primarily, a political site. I do not, personally, affiliate myself with any political party or group. If you put my feet in the fire (and according to several of those “Where do you fall in the political spectrum?” tests you find on the Net these days) I would probably end up in the Centrist camp. Why am I specifying this? For this reason: there is no need to inject politics into every bloody post and discussion put on the page. As with trolling, if I feel it doesn’t apply or is inappropriate, the comment will be deleted/removed. You may not like the President or some particular person/party, but it’s not necessary to inject that into every discussion. I’d say that’s pretty simple.

4. Comments will be moderated before they appear. With the spambots, ads for games, etc. that’s going on, it’s a necessity, though not one I like or enjoy. Hopefully this won’t put anyone off.

if you’ve read this far, let me first thank you for reading “DA RULES” and feeling they were worth the time. Before anyone starts screaming “Fascist! You’re limiting free speech!”  let me remind you that (a) this is a personal site, and (b) of something Klaatu said in the original The Day The Earth Stood Still. When speaking of the things put in place to achieve peace and security with his people, he said “Now, this does not mean giving up any freedom except the freedom to act irresponsibly.” So it is, here.  The levels of downright belligerence and rudeness to others on the net, with its ability to allow people to be anonymous, have made rules like these necessary. I truly hope they don’t put you off, and that you come back and give the blog a chance.  Whatever your choice, may you have a great day, and God go with you!

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