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August 6, 1945

On this date in 1945, a B-29 named the Enola Gay dropped the first of two atomic bombs used to end World War II. Since that time there has been endless agonizing over everything from how “inhuman” it was to use those bombs (somehow, those who experienced the Rape of Nanking, lived through the Bataan Death March or saw/learned of the atrocities committed on Japanese prisoners of war and others might disagree with you, but I digress) to how we didn’t “really” need to use them because “Japan was already beaten,” or how many people were killed by the bombs (the over 200,000 killed by conventional bombing might have something to say about that as well – the ones never spoken of in history, as a general rule; analogous to the 4+ million non-Jews killed by Hitler and his ilk, or the 30+ million people killed by Stalin prior to his becoming part of the Allies)

This article, written in 1946 for The Atlantic, was a real eye opener for me. I hope it is for you, too. Even at that time, people were saying many of the same things we hear now – and I believe the author, through his information, does an excellent job of proving those arguments fallacious.

Thank you, Colonel Paul Tibbets and crew of the Enola Gay for being willing to put your personal feelings aside and do what you felt would bring the quickest end to the war and save the most lives on both sides. I, for one, will not sit in the comfort and freedom that you, and others like you, bought for me some 70+ years later and criticize you.

Had the Atomic Bomb Not Been Used

God bless today, my friends.

“The Riot Act” – and an update!

Hey all! My apologies for the delay in the posts I mentioned, but we have been dealing with our own situation on this end in the form of our furnace deciding to suddenly stop working! Thankfully, we were prepared in that we had alternate heat sources available, and were able to tough it out until repairs could be made. Thankfully it has been fixed and all is well (and warm!) again on this end. In the “look at the bright side” department, as I said to my sons and wife, “Well, at least it didn’t happen in the dead of winter!”

Having gone back over my posts here on the Takedown, I feel confident in starting up my posts on preparedness as of Monday, so I hope you’ll keep coming back to check them out. In the meantime, have you ever had someone “read you The Riot Act?” Have you ever read it to someone else? I used that phrase in an email to my son’s school last night and was prompted to look up exactly where the phrase came from. I had once, long ago, but it had been a while. Here’s what I found, and I now share with you.

After this, the next time you “read someone The Riot Act,” you’ll know what it is you’re doing!


Here’s another link, and this one has a bonus of actually having an image OF The Riot Act! It’s a full sized version of the image I used on the post. Enjoy!


God bless today, my friends!