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WOW! And here we are again, with news!

Hello, friends! My apologies for the length of time since the last post, but things here have been quite busy with the school year ending, and my finishing up my EMT classes. I am happy to say that as of now I am qualified as an EMT, having successfully passed all of my courses and written exams, and this has not only been a source of great joy for me, but also a source of great relief as the classes are over and I can begin on the next leg of my journey.

It’s a good lesson in not doubting yourself, as well, as I was sure that had NOT passed, and ended up not only passing, but passing WELL.

Tomorrow is July 4th here in the States, the day on which we celebrate our independence from England. As I will be serving at our local ambulance corps, I want to take the opportunity to wish any and all of my readers a happy and safe 4th of July, and thank all those who have served or are serving for securing and protecting the freedoms we enjoy. THANK YOU!

And on a humorous note, here’s a 4th of July card for all of you – hope you enjoy it!

Captain Punches Hitler for 4th

God bless, my friends!

A good laugh for the day and a tip of the hat!

Hey all! Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted but when I saw this article, I knew I had to put a blog post up about it. I am a firm believer that far too many of the policies being enacted in schools and on college campuses today are laughable and absurd at best, and downright insane at worst, but this young man had the right idea.

Sometimes, the best revenge is to play exactly by the rules as written. As one comment on the article said, “Let’s see how long they play by ‘his majesty’s rules”.

Well played, young man, well played.

Enjoy, and God bless today, my friends!


AVAST, YE LUBBERS! This be a post ta remind ye o’ somethin’ important!

Tis hard fer me ta’ believe, much less admit, but in all me time o’ runnin’ this blog, I clean fergot ta make a post ta give a shout ta one o’ me favorite days of th’ year – International ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day!’ Tis a day that comes but once a year, an’ I want ta make sure that all me loyal mates, mateys an’ readers know about it!

It’s international, so whether ye read me scribblin’s from the US of A, or from somewhere else on th’ globe, ye still can be part of it. Here be th’ banner:


An’ here be th’ page fer the Day itself – check it out, says I, or it’ll be walkin’ th’ plank ye’ll be doin’! ARRRRR!


There be but 89 days left, so make sure ye’re ship shape an’ squared away.

Th’ Good Lord bless ye’ today, me hearties!


An adventurous start to my day, and a good laugh for you!

Ahh yes, this morning I rolled out of bed a bit after 0600, as usual. I pulled on my robe (A Father’s Day gift – it has the red loops and yellow “belt” for a sash, as well as the Superman logo on the chest), and wandered out into the kitchen to get some coffee going. As is the norm, I looked out our kitchen window to look at the lake near our apartment. (By way of info, it used to be the local reservoir, but when a new one was chosen, this one was fenced off and is now a haven for fish and wildlife) As I did, however, I noticed that something seemed to be wrong….

Something was floating on the surface of the lake.

I didn’t panic, but my heartbeat kicked up a notch as I realized that it looked just about the right size and shape to be a body. A small one. That may sound silly, to you, but there’s a large hole in the fence that I cannot seem to get our maintenance department to understand is dangerous, and so it isn’t closed. That would have given access to the lake, should someone decide to try….

I grabbed my tactical flashlight and told my oldest son to stand by as I headed outside. (He’s an early riser like me) I went down the hill to the fence line and shined my light out on to the surface of the lake as I did two other things:

  1. Prayed VERY fervently that what I was afraid had happened had not, in fact, happened
  2. Got ready to either go over or under the fence to hit the water in case it WAS a body, after I had activated EMS

As my light played over the figure on the surface, I suddenly felt a large wave of relief as I realized what it was; a large Mickey Mouse doll that had, somehow, ended up in the water and was floating, face up. I clicked off my light and then stood there and laughed the adrenaline out of my system as a sense of great relief flooded over me.

The crowning moment of it all came later, however, when I was relaying the story to my sister via text and she said two things:
“You know things are getting bad when Mickey Mouse jumps!”

“That really took the zippety out of his doo da day!”

I hope you got a good chuckle out of the story, too, and are as glad as I am that it turned out to be nothing! I promptly put a call in to our maintenance department as a follow up and suggested they get it OUT of there before some kid DOES go in after it!

More posts as time warrants – my First Responder course is going well, but it’s taking up a good deal of time. God bless, my friends!

A quick funny for us, today, courtesy of Uncle Otto

There is an online radio channel that comes out of Wisconsin by the name of WRJQ. (They can be found at http://www.wrjqradio.com/ should you be interested) They play a lot of polka and old-time German oom-pah band type music and generally are just upbeat and fun to listen to. About two years or so back I found they have a show on called The Uncle Otto Show. It runs from 1200-1300 hours, CENTRAL TIME, and is a mixture of bad jokes, puns and music. Our chuckle for today comes from that show, and be ready for more in the future!

Hope you get a laugh – or a groan – to start your day!

“Say, Otto, you look worried.”
“Ja, I worry so much, I’d pay someone $1000 just to worry for me.”

“Well…you know, Otto – I’d worry for you if you like.”

“Ok, you’re hired!”

“Wow…ok – hey, wait…when do I get my $1000?” 
“Well, see – that’s your first worry, right there!”

God bless today, my friends!

A chuckle to start your day

I ran across this article and it gave me a good, hearty laugh to start the day. I hope it does the same for you! (The article is below)

It reminded me of this picture that I saw, years ago, of police officers carrying away a statue of Ronald McDonald from a park, looking for all the world as if they’d busted the famous clown:


As far as the article is concerned, hey, if you’re going to break the law do it big, right?


God bless (and stay thirsty!) my friends

A blast from the past – and may you laugh as hard as I did :)

When I was a young man, there was a show on the radio (I’ll pause while those of you too young to remember ancient technology like AM radio go look it up on Google. Ok – are you back? Good.) called The Dr. Demento Show. It was a radio show dedicated to some of the most weirdest and yet, many times, some of the most “fall down laughing and wet yourself” music you were never likely to hear on the radio. This was the ground on which Weird Al Yankovic and others became well known, and the ground from which the routine I am about to reference was introduced to me.

The routine was done by a group called The Frantics and the proper title is Last Will and Temperment. However, for reasons that will become obvious, my friends and I simply called it “Boot to the head!” It still, to this day, makes me laugh, ESPECIALLY when I watch the video I am going to link here. Some enterprising soul took the soundtrack and linked it to animation from a Japanese series called “Phoenix Wright,” as I understand it.

The results speak for themselves, but needless to say, the first time I watched it, I laughed so hard I had tears pouring down my face and almost couldn’t breathe. I truly hope you enjoy this to that degree and, when you may be having a down day, come back and watch it again to bring a smile to your face and a laugh to your lips.

Enjoy, God bless and when all else fails, remember, “GIVE THEM A BOOT TO THE HEAD!”

A fun post for today

Hello all! Well, here in the States it’s the 20th of March, also known as the Vernal Equinox. In layman’s terms, that equates to the first “official” day of Spring, and for me it’s come none too soon. This past winter season has been a hard one, this time ’round, and I won’t be sorry to see the return of warmer weather, as well as the birds and plants that it brings with it.

I am expecting to have a bit of a busy weekend coming, as I have family in from out of town, so here’s a bit of fun to keep us busy in the case that I’m not able to get back for another post before Monday. Remember the old tales about being able to balance eggs on the Equinox, owing to some strange confluence of gravitational forces? Well, apparently, it’s also been applied to BROOMS, of all things, in the past years. Unfortunately, the whole thing’s a bit of a hoax, but it’s still a good bit of fun. Enjoy!

Information on the Vernal Equinox: http://www.infoplease.com/spot/riteofspring1.html

Information on the amazing balancing eggs (and brooms!): http://www.snopes.com/science/equinox.asp

God bless, my friend!

A Happy Saint Patrick’s day, an’ a top o’ th’ mornin’ ta ye all!

Yours truly has a very busy day ahead of him, but I would be remiss did I not take a moment for a well deserved tip of the hat to wish those who are of Irish descent a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. It took a lot of courage to board those ships in days of yore and make the perilous journey across the seas to become Americans, but the Irish did, in those days, and my hat is off to them.

To those Americans, today, who have Irish blood in them, and are of Irish heritage, I say “Walk tall and be proud, for you have much to be proud of. Your heritage is one of perseverance in the face of hardship, both at home and abroad, and one rich in lore, story and song. Here’s to you!” (I’m raising a Guinness, of course!) 

To those who celebrate the religious aspect of the day, I suggest doing some reading on who Saint Patrick was and where he came from. The story of his life is an incredible one, and a very interesting read.

For the rest of us, be thankful that they deign to let us celebrate the day WITH them I say! 🙂

God bless today, my friend!