Hello again! A return from the land of college classes!

I had mentioned this in a previous post, but hey, repetition can be a good thing, sometimes, right? I can expound on it a bit, too.

That’s right, yours truly has been absent from The Takedown for some personal reasons. The greatest of those reasons, thankfully, has NOT been a bad one, but instead has been quite good, namely, the fact that I am working my way through taking college courses to obtain a degree to become a Medical Assistant!

After a short stint in an ICU at a local hospital (which did not last, for reasons I will not go into here, save to say that when they offered me the chance to leave on good terms, I took it, and gladly), I realized that most jobs I could get outside of EMS itself would give me little to no chance to actually utilize my skills and training as an EMT. It was then that it was suggested to me that I look into being a Medical Assistant. Basically combining the best of both worlds, it would give me the chance to use many of my EMT skills (patient history, vital signs, and others) and also give me the chance to work on the documentation/office skills side as well.

The classes have been enjoyable for the most part, although it is VERY odd to be some 30 years older than most of the other students. It has given me a great appreciation not only for the education that I have, as well as the life experience, but for the opportunity that I have had to educate myself and get an education in the schools I have attended. It’s a humbling thing when you are in classes with people in their 20’s and older who have not even a basic knowledge of math skills, English grammar or the like. It has also given me a good course in humility, as it would be easy to lord it over the other students and come off like a genius or know it all, but instead to be reminded of how blessed I have been, and to use that as a way to encourage others that they, too, can do it. There’s nothing “special” about me.

Combined with some necessary life changes, things have been kind of busy on this end, but again, in ways that have been primarily good ones. No complaints, and no worries for you, my faithful readers! I appreciate those who have joined and followed, and also those who keep coming back whenever a new blog post pops up. Stay tuned, because more will definitely be following!

God bless, my friends.