Welcome to reality, people!

I saw this news story and am honest enough to admit that I did two things after reading it. One, I laughed RIGHT out loud and two, I simply nodded and said “Good.” Here’s the link:


Whatever you may think of the website or the news story, (you can easily find it on other sources as well) two things immediately came to mind when I read it:

  1. This image: get-to-work
  2. The fact that, no matter how fired up you, or I or anyone else may be about a subject, there are two laws that still operate. One of them is called The Law of Unintended Consequences and is defined as outcomes that are not the ones foreseen and intended by a purposeful action,” (i.e., the people being fired for skipping work to go to the protest) and the second is the rule of law that says that here in the United States your right of free speech may be protected, but you are not protected from the consequences of exercising that right. (i.e., losing your job)

What’s the Boot of Truth? To me, it’s this: if you have a job to do, DO it. Protest on your own time. (Or, if you decide not to, then at least make sure you follow the proper procedures for getting the time off to go jump on the bandwagon you want to ride) Your boss is running a business and paying you a salary, not helping you become a social justice warrior. Your fellow employees also have lives and don’t need to have them turned upside down because you want to run off and join a protest.

My grandmother, God rest her, used to say “Experience is a dear teacher, but sometimes a fool will learn at no other.” Let’s hope that these people actually learn and don’t continue on this course as they go forward.

Better luck on your next job, guys!

God bless today, my friends.