Wow! Time has passed, but here I am with some more preparedness info to pass along!

Hello again, all! My thanks to those who have stayed around, as well as to new readers and those who keep track of when new posts go up on the page. I know that sometimes it can seem like a goodly number of days go by without new posts, but that’s mainly because (as I have said in the past, but for the benefit of those who may be first time visitors) I don’t post JUST to post. I want this to be a blog of encouragement, of information, and of worthwhile things to read, as opposed to the standard gossip-y, “Hey I did this yesterday/had this for breakfast” type blogs that are out there.

That being said, I have some more information to pass along regarding preparedness. Here in my part of the US of A, we’re getting ready to head into the winter months. The temps are already dropping, and with those temps come the possibility of snowstorms, ice storms, power outages and the like. As heat usage goes up, and depending on the type of heat used (pellet stoves, wood stoves, etc), there is also the chance of fire – and fire means that you may need to get OUT, and get out QUICKLY. To that end, I wanted to first pass along links to a couple of videos which I found VERY interesting, and that deal with what is known as a “Bug Out Bag” (or Bail Out Bag). As I have mentioned in other posts, this is designed to be a “Grab it and get the heck out of Dodge” bag, and is designed to help you survive in the event of a situation in which you need to get out and don’t have the leisure to pack up your car with everything you want to take. I especially enjoyed the videos because (a) they’re easy to understand, (b) they’re practical, as opposed to the “YOU NEED THIS AMAZING STUFF BECAUSE THE ZOMBIES ARE COMING AND WE’LL ALL DIE IF WE DON’T HAVE IT!!” types of ‘preparedness’ videos out there, and (c) they’re able to be customized according to what you may be facing.(For example, in the first video, the author makes it very clear that this is NOT a “I’ll take this bag and survive in the bleak wilderness” bag)

Here are the links:

72 Hour Bug out Bag – supplies from Walmart

DIY Premium 72 Hour Bug Out Bag – Walmart Style

Home Depot “Urban Survival Kit”

I know – some of you may be thinking “Wal Mart? Home Depot? Is he kidding? That’s all junk!” Well, all I’ll say is, watch the videos. I believe you’ll be every bit as amazed as I was.

On a personal note, the ONLY change I would make to his suggestion would be this – if you have the time (and unless you’re getting nailed by a disaster right now, you have the time), I would consider these for your water needs:

Datrex Emergency Water Pouches (I bought mine through Amazon, but this is a link to the manufacturer) They have a lot of advantages, IMO, over carrying bottles of water, are used by the USCG in life boats along with Datrex Emergency Ration Bars (which I’ve had and they aren’t bad, actually – and surely better than starving) and have a storage life of 5+ years.

Stay tuned – my next post will deal with an item I have coming in the mail, courtesy of – MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat), complete with heaters to warm them! Needless to say, I’ll let you know how they are, how they work, and whether or not I feel they’d be a good add-on to your emergency food supply/pantry.

In the meantime, be safe out there, and God bless, my friends!