Still here, and busy!

Hello all! I am still here, although my work with the local ambulance corps has been taking up a lot of my time. I have been trying to put together a post or two for the page but because I don’t want to put one up just to have one here, I am making sure that it is worded well and comes across as I want it to.

In the meantime, Monday is July 4th here in the States; Independence Day. It’s become vogue now to rewrite, revise and minimize the accomplishments of the United States, especially where our current government is concerned, it seems. However I, like the character of Captain America, still believe in the principles that America was founded upon. Not “My country, right or wrong,” nor “My country, ALWAYS wrong” but instead, “My country, right AND wrong.” No country, no people is without mistake or error.

So, then, as we approach a day in which we remember those who fought and died to begin this great experiment – the experiment that became the American Dream, I leave you with this:

“Captain America is not here to lead the country. I’m here to serve it. If I’m a captain, then I’m a soldier. Not of any military branch, but of the American people. Years ago, in simpler times, this suit and this shield were created as a symbol to help make America the land it’s supposed to be… to help it realize its destiny. Ricocheting from super-villain duel to super-villain duel doesn’t always serve that purpose. There’s a difference between fighting against evil and fighting for the common good. I’m not always able to choose my battles… but effective immediately, I’m going to make an effort to choose the battles that matter. Battles against injustice, against cynicism, against intolerance. I will still serve with the Avengers. I will continue to defend this nation from any and all threats it may face. But as of today, I am not a “super hero.” Now and forevermore, I am a man of the people. Together, you and I will identify and confront America’s problems. Together, we will figure out what we are and what we can be. Together, we will define the American Dream and make it an American reality.”

It can be done – but we need to do it together.

God bless, my friends.