AVAST, YE LUBBERS! This be a post ta remind ye o’ somethin’ important!

Tis hard fer me ta’ believe, much less admit, but in all me time o’ runnin’ this blog, I clean fergot ta make a post ta give a shout ta one o’ me favorite days of th’ year – International ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day!’ Tis a day that comes but once a year, an’ I want ta make sure that all me loyal mates, mateys an’ readers know about it!

It’s international, so whether ye read me scribblin’s from the US of A, or from somewhere else on th’ globe, ye still can be part of it. Here be th’ banner:


An’ here be th’ page fer the Day itself – check it out, says I, or it’ll be walkin’ th’ plank ye’ll be doin’! ARRRRR!


There be but 89 days left, so make sure ye’re ship shape an’ squared away.

Th’ Good Lord bless ye’ today, me hearties!