A happy ending – and a reminder that protection starts with YOU

I saw this headline, today, and as God is my witness, burst right out laughing when I read the story. No, it is NOT because I delight in the death of others, nor that I’m some kind of bloodthirsty fiend who enjoys seeing people get killed. I am, however, (1) a firm believer that anyone, male OR female, who abuses another person takes whatever consequences come their way and (2) a firm believer that things like “restraining orders” are about as useful as nothing in most cases.

How you react to the story is up to you but let me leave you with this: if nothing else, this lady was prepared, and she took steps to protect herself when the man came to abuse her, in spite of the restraining order.

Whatever her relationship was like, one thing is certain – he will never again menace nor harm another person.

YOUR PROTECTION BEGINS WITH YOU. As the old saying goes – “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.”

God bless, my friends – and be safe out there!

Man violates protective order, dies from shotgun blast to chest

2 thoughts on “A happy ending – and a reminder that protection starts with YOU

  1. A woman that’s even willing to pick up a SHOTGUN to protect herself deserves a pat on the back, let alone shooting a man that has, according to the police reports, repeatedly abused her…she deserves a METAL!


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