“Disasters 101 – for those who think ‘it will never happen to me.'”

In keeping with my ongoing posts regarding realistic preparedness, I have what I consider to be an excellent post, courtesy of a blog/web page called Backdoor Survival. It is a page I frequent, and one that I have gleaned a great amount of helpful and useful knowledge from. I encourage any of you who are following these posts to check out their page, as well.

It’s a sobering (although far from comprehensive – think of that!) list of the possible disasters, both man-made and natural, that could befall us. To me, it’s also a good reminder to not become complacent and join in the oft-repeated refrain of “It won’t happen here/won’t happen to me.” Every one of us that lives on this planet (and if you’re reading this and NOT on this planet, PLEASE put something in the comments section – I’d be honored!) is potentially in the path of one of these disasters, and can stand to take the common-sense precautions that are appropriate for them.

I also am including a second link to an article on that same page, which is entitled “Beyond SHTF: How to keep your home safe from fire.” I have read, and may have even repeated here, that one of the pitfalls for those who seek to be prepared is that many of the “preppers” you see are portrayed as wild-eyed individuals who are preparing only for the worst case scenarios. Are those scenarios possible? Well, yes. In theory, I suppose anything is. Are they probable? That’s a much more realistic approach and question. A person is much more likely to lose everything due to a house fire, for example, than a nuclear war/zombie apocalypse/complete societal collapse.

Remember – prepare for the most probable, and then expand if you so desire. The links to the articles are below.

God bless, my friends, and remember – preparation doesn’t produce anxiety; denial does.

Disasters 101

Beyond SHTF – How to keep your home safe from fire