I’m back – and a reminder to “Say it now!”

Hello all! Thank you to those who have been checking The Takedown in the interim of relative silence, post wise, and those who keep coming back faithfully when a new post pops up from yours truly. Things have been quite busy on this end, but the time had come for a new post, and here it is.

I have in my possession a book given to me in 1977 by my aunt (yeah, I know that makes me fairly old by a lot of standards but hey, getting old is a privilege, and one denied to a lot of people, so I don’t mind!), the title of which is God’s Minutes. In it a story is read of a group of children who go to a florist to buy flowers for their friend, Mickey. In true heartstring-tugging fashion, you find that the boy had been killed in a traffic accident, and the children wondered if they could buy a nice bouquet of yellow roses with their collection, which was some eighteen cents. The florist, of course, agrees, and the children sorrowfully march off with their flowers to give them to their deceased playmate.

The story ends on a note, however, that is the subject of this post. It ends by saying that the saddest thing is that Mickey would never know the love being shown to him, nor of the care and affection of his friends. They were showing it, sadly, after he was gone. It ends with this poem, which I can say honestly has come to my mind from time to time, since first reading this book after it was given to me (I was 7 at the time):

I’d rather have one little rose from the garden of a friend, than all the choicest flowers when this weary life will end. I’d rather have one pleasant word in kindness said to me, than flattery when my heart is still, and life has ceased to be. I would rather have a loving smile from friends I know are true, than tears shed ’round my casket when to this world I bid adieu. Bring me all the flowers today, whether white or pink or red – I’d rather have one flower now than a truckload when I’m dead. 

Friends, our life can be busy and, thanks to our technological connections, it gets busier all the time. We’re connected by email, text, cell phone, Facebook,  Twitter, and a hundred other things that keep us in constant touch; yet how often do we take the time, one human being to another, to truly let those who matter to us know that they do? All too often the story told of here plays out in reality; the platitudes, the love, the caring is shown after the person has died, while in life they may have never known or realized that they had those who felt that way about them.

Don’t let the Mickey in your life leave this world without knowing. Don’t worry about “Oh I’ll look foolish,” or “Oh, I’m far too MANLY to show my heart like that,” or even worse “I don’t need to say it – he/she/they already know it.”

Tell them. Bring those flowers today. Do it now, while you have the chance. Believe me when I tell you, it makes a difference and, as one who has been on the receiving end of that type of statement at the bedside of a friend who would shortly thereafter die, it can literally change your life. 

Do it today. God bless, my friends.