A note to celebrate a hero

I came across this news story and felt that it definitely deserved a place here on The Takedown. Why? First, because it puts the Boot of Truth to two lies; one, that all blacks are shiftless, lazy “gimmies” with their hands out who just want to be supported and do nothing, and two that all blacks need to rely on “the government” to help them achieve and get ahead in life because of the evil people who want to just keep them down. Secondly, because it puts the Boot of Truth to the idea that the world sucks, people sucks, life sucks, and there’s no good left anywhere, any more, for anyone. This story is one of self-sacrifice, and I believe, one of love shown for one’s fellow man.

The story can be found here: http://www.breitbart.com/sports/2015/12/19/hs-football-player-killed-shielding-three-girls-from-shooters/

To you, Zaevion Dobson, a man (for that is truly what your actions showed, to me – the mark of a man) who gave his life for others, I offer my thanks for your example, and my prayers for your family and those who knew you. May your sacrifice never be forgotten, and may it act as coals of fire heaped on the heads of those who exploit others of your race for their own gain, or to keep the fires of hatred and mistrust stoked.

At the risk of politicizing the issue, I will also say this as a rather sad footnote. It amazes me that our mainstream media, the current President, and groups such as Black Lives Matter, who are so quick to so instantly weigh in when there is political clout to be gained, an agenda to be pushed, or cameras rolling, took upwards of two days to finally say anything – and in the President’s case, to say it in a Tweet sent to his Presidential Twitter account. In the case of the leader of the BLM movement, it was a Tweet that said “My Hero.”

Wow. I mean – imagine what effort that took.

If I sound bitter – it’s probably because I am. In my opinion, this man deserved more honor than that, especially from those who are so quick to claim that the lives of blacks matter so much.  For me, it makes me step back and take a look at what the agenda really might be. I hope it does the same for others, too.

Zaevion, you died a hero. May God grant you peace.

God bless you today, my friends.