Daily Archives: 29 July, 2015

What a sad, insane world….

Read this to the end – I can guarantee you that it WON’T be the story you think as you begin reading it.

A 13 year old lion by the name of Cecil was shot and killed by an American. The hunter, a dentist, apparently was up to specs on all of his permits and necessary following of regs, and thought the hunt he was on was legit. It appears, now, that it wasn’t.

The world, especially here in the USA, has gone stark raving bonkers over the death of this lion. A LION. An animal. It was 13 years old.

Piers Morgan, a journalist (I presume, anyway, that’s what he’s supposed to be) has offered money for people to help him hunt the man down and kill him. E! Online ran a piece calling for his death. PETA (as if this is a surprise) also is out for the man’s blood. The list goes on.

Over a lion. An animal.

Why do I say the world is sad and insane? Here’s why:

These same people have zero, it seems, to say about the following:

  • Robert Mugabe, the dictator of the country in which Cecil lived, and who has overseen the violent theft of land from its owners and the torture and imprisonment of anyone who is seen as a political opponent
  • The facilitation of the leading terror regime, Iran, in their bid to obtain nuclear power and, potentially, weaponry, aided and abetted by the government of my own country, the USA, as well as a strange silence over the doings of ISIS and Boko Haram
  • Anthony Diaz, who was the same age as Cecil – 13 – and was killed in gang related violence in February, and you very probably heard nothing about. He wasn’t a lion – just a Hispanic kid killed for what he posted on Facebook. The seven people murdered in Chicago last weekend weren’t lions, either, nor will anyone targeted by gangs in LA who are using Twitter to organize killing “100 people in 100 days;” the first of whom appears to be a 4 year old boy. He wasn’t a lion, either.

Not very encouraging, is it? No, it isn’t – but just because this is the way it IS – right now – doesn’t mean it’s the way it must ALWAYS be. Each one of us, every day, has the chance to stand up and make our voices heard – even if it’s only the person next to us who hears it and who benefits from it.

The world needs people who care – who care about the things that MATTER – not a lion being killed in a far off country and who is currently the outrage du jour of the day.

God bless today, my friends. Get out there – and care!