Daily Archives: 16 July, 2015

Hey! I’m back again, with an update – we “CUT THE CORD”

Hello again, all! My apologies for the length of time in between posts, but unfortunately, Life stepped in just when I thought I had things nicely under control and gave me a quick Belgian Takedown (look up the move if you don’t know what it is! It should also look familiar, as it’s the name I used for my blog, right?) just to remind me that I’m NOT all that and a bag of chips, as the saying goes! Graduations, vacations, trips, and assorted other things – including a wedding of some friends this weekend – have been going on, keeping me hopping. However, things have calmed down again and so here I am.

For those who have hung around and are now coming back with the posting of a new blog, THANK YOU! As I have said before, my blog would be nothing without you. I hope you continue to do so, and may even encourage your friends to check it out as well. For those who are new, THANK YOU for deciding to give it a try! Unlike many blogs, you won’t find mundane, everyday things here. I only post when I feel I have something worthwhile to post about. Upon reading the blogs, I pray you feel the same way, too.

And now, without further ado –

This past week, my wife and I sat down and had a long chat. At the end of it, we decided to join the increasing numbers of people who have decided to “cut the cord;” i.e., drop everything from our cable provider with the exception of our internet connection. (Which is convenient, since it would be MUCH harder to post this blog without it!)  We did it for two reasons: (1) We realized that we were, as one person put it, “paying for 40 channels we DIDN’T watch for everyone 1 that we DID) and (2) we were tired not only of the overall quality of what TV is becoming but also TV venues stepping into the political/social arena to push an agenda when really, it’s not their place to do so. (i.e. ESPN commenting on social issues/trying to appear “with it” by giving Bruce Jenner the ESPY and ignoring others more fitting of the spirit of the award, or a yogurt commercial not only using sex to sell yogurt, but featuring lesbians as well – two things which have approximately zip to do with yogurt and everything to do with using a segment of the population in a blatant attempt to try and raise sales)  Also, a great amount of what little TV we do watch we did through streaming, such as Amazon or Netflix, which allows us greater control over what we watch and when. In the end, we saved over $100 a month, and still are able to watch what we want, when we want, without all the nonsense that goes along with having a cable subscription. It was worth it to hear the person on the other end of the phone literally do anything they could to keep us. It sounded like we were taking food away from their children, they sounded so desperate.

Is it for everyone? I would neither say nor advocate that; it’s a personal decision, just as so many things in life are. For us, however, it’s been a great decision, and one we haven’t regretted for a moment. Incidentally, if the day comes that you DO decide to “cut the cord,” let me put in a suggestion to do some research and look into a neat little device called a “Roku.” We did, and we’re glad we did. It allows us to access all of our streaming sources, as well as other channels and such from one source, which is very convenient.

Until next time, God bless my friend!