A quick change to the Takedown

Thank you, first of all, to those who keep coming back to check out the page, or who follow it, and to those who may refer it to others or who just wander in to see what it’s all about! It is the people like yourselves that make keeping a blog worthwhile, and make it a joy for me to do.

As I have said in the past, you will notice that blog posts don’t come thick and fast, every day, about every little thing that may strike my fancy. I believe that this blog is best served in posts being made when I have something significant, uplifting, encouraging, funny, or some combination of the above to say. I believe that many of you would agree with me. After all, trite we have in spades from the TV, right?

To that end, there’s a quick change to The Takedown in that I have a past blog post “stickied” to the front page. Hopefully it won’t be too jarring, but I felt led to do so in the hopes that anyone wandering by for the first time, or who may be searching for some of the key words associated with that post; “hope,” “encouragement” and the like, will find it. I believe it is the most important post I have ever done and if it serves to encourage or help one person, then all this will be worth it.

Stick with me, friends, as we keep going on together, and as the posts continue. I have some in the works, and look forward to getting them up soon!

God bless today, my friends!