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An interesting PoV (Point of View) on the movie “Maleficent,” and the themes of movies in general

Not too long ago, I ran across this review of the movie Maleficent. Now I will say right up front I have never seen the movie for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that I have an inherent dislike of movies that take characters who are EE-VIL and try to make them “not really evil – just misunderstood.” I didn’t like the premise of Wicked for the same reason. I think it’s a very subtle way of downplaying the fact (or in a worst case scenario, putting on rose colored glasses to ignore the fact) that there ARE people in this world who have chosen – that’s right – chosen to live a life that is harmful and detrimental to others. You can see this same mindset in a lot of other areas of life as well, but I digress. I believe that the reviewer has some pretty valid points, and he makes them well. Before I go on, I’ll link to the review here. If nothing else, it’s highly entertaining to watch, I think:

Hopefully you watched it, because if you didn’t, you may miss out on what I’m about to bring up here; namely that his closing statements are what really drove a point home to me, as a father, and one that is valid given that Father’s Day is right around the corner. He makes the following statement:

“It is not healthy to tell women that ‘men are bad.’ It is not healthy to tell daughters that ‘fathers are bad. It is not healthy to tell wives that ‘husbands are bad’ – because the absence of fathers is killing the world!” He then goes on to post a list of statistics regarding crime rates, etc. of children coming from fatherless homes. (Those statistics, incidentally, do not have sources listed, most likely for brevity. They CAN, however, be verified from other sources, by simply doing an internet search of fatherless homes crimes statistics.  Some links include:

Now, is the author saying that there are NO bad men, bad fathers, bad husbands? Absolutely not. Is he saying that a single mom can’t raise her children? Again, no way. I’d venture that if that’s what you got out of this, then that’s what you were listening for and wanted to hear because it’s simply not there. What he IS bringing out is that this movie, like so many coming out today – especially from Disney – have ingrained into them messages that are not only anti-male, but anti-masculine, and that those messages are both subtle and blatant. Further, he’s bringing forth the idea that were these same ideas reversed – applied to women instead of men – the outrage would be deafening; but that somehow it’s ok so long as it’s men that are being made to appear inept, moronic, or downright horrible.

Is that really the kind of “fantasy” we want to feed our kids? Is that the kind of world we want to keep letting them believe exists? If so, is it any wonder that we have the societal issues we do? The broken homes, the ruined lives, the shattered relationships?

Friends, it is not – NOT – NOT all ONE gender or the other. It’s both. Promoting anything that pushes the idea that men are bad/inept/stupid/evil is no better than the reverse. There is nothing inherently vile and evil in males any more than there is anything inherently beautiful, magical, and wonderful in little girls. Both of them share the same good and bad traits that all humans do. The influences they have, good and bad, as they grow make all the difference.

Friends, please – make a stand. Don’t endorse and promote misandry any more than you would endorse and promote misogyny. They’re two sides of the same coin, and both are as dark, as black, and as deadly as the other. Unless we stand up and say something, the hate will just continue, and will never fix itself, because it feeds on itself.

God bless today, my friends.

An excellent reminder to think before you post in our “socially connected world”

I have an article I want to share with you that I believe you will find very encouraging. However, I have some background to share before I do, and so let’s get to it.

Let’s face it – the world today is more digitally and socially connected than it ever has been. It seems that every other day, the news is splashed with headlines about someone losing their job/marriage/career over something they posted on Facebook, or getting their panties or jockey shorts in a bunch over something they said or someone else said on Twitter. (That, in and of itself amazes me, since they both have one feature in common – THEY CAN BE TURNED OFF – but I digress) 

Not too long ago, I rejoined Facebook after a lengthy absence, mainly because my family and extended family insisted that it was “the main way we all keep each other informed of what’s going on.” Telephones, text messages and email were too much, I guess, and so I reluctantly rejoined. It amazed me that the same things were still going on that had been going on way back when I had left; same drama, same arguments, same airing of personal, dirty laundry, same rants and name calling about this one and that one – all, of course without actually naming names – much more passive aggressive, but yet anyone who knew anything knew who they meant. It was, literally, almost enough to make me disconnect again and turn of Facebook for good.

Then I stopped and realized that that wasn’t the answer. The problem wasn’t Facebook – it was the mindset of the people using it. I had friends on there who had said how much they appreciated my posts and my more rational point of view on things. Many liked the encouraging or informative things I posted. Was I willing to just throw them out, too? The answer to that was, if you’ll pardon my French, a resounding “HELL NO!” Instead, I did two things:

1. I removed the newsfeeds of people (family OR friends) who were little more than constant rants, constant drama, constant “woe is me!”, constant negativity, and did so with no apologies. There is enough in life to cause negative feelings; none of us need the constant influx on Facebook as well.
2. I began researching why people post the things they do on social media, and the damage it can do. The results were, to say the least, VERY enlightening.

That research led me to the following article. Although written from the point of view of a Christian, the ideas in it, are universal to all of us and were very eye-opening to me. It was a good reminder to me that once you post something, it’s out there forever. Like harsh words or comments you may be able to remove them but you’ll never be able to completely undo the damage that they may cause – and they may just come back to haunt you. On a personal note, it also made me VERY grateful for the wife that I have, in that we both agree not to post personal things on line, nor do we engage in the “We’ll make the other one look stupid in front of people/on Facebook” nonsense that so many do.

I hope you read this and are encouraged by it!

God bless today, my friends!

Dirty Laundry in the Basket, Not Facebook

A quick change to the Takedown

Thank you, first of all, to those who keep coming back to check out the page, or who follow it, and to those who may refer it to others or who just wander in to see what it’s all about! It is the people like yourselves that make keeping a blog worthwhile, and make it a joy for me to do.

As I have said in the past, you will notice that blog posts don’t come thick and fast, every day, about every little thing that may strike my fancy. I believe that this blog is best served in posts being made when I have something significant, uplifting, encouraging, funny, or some combination of the above to say. I believe that many of you would agree with me. After all, trite we have in spades from the TV, right?

To that end, there’s a quick change to The Takedown in that I have a past blog post “stickied” to the front page. Hopefully it won’t be too jarring, but I felt led to do so in the hopes that anyone wandering by for the first time, or who may be searching for some of the key words associated with that post; “hope,” “encouragement” and the like, will find it. I believe it is the most important post I have ever done and if it serves to encourage or help one person, then all this will be worth it.

Stick with me, friends, as we keep going on together, and as the posts continue. I have some in the works, and look forward to getting them up soon!

God bless today, my friends!