“Fight the real enemy” – and it’s not who you think it is

I don’t know how many readers/followers I have from outside the US, so if I may, a little background on today’s post: not too long ago, one of the owners of a small pizzeria in Indiana was approached and asked their opinion on a piece of legislation that had recently been passed in Indiana, called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. The person, being honest (as well as a professing Christian, which was obvious since their pizzeria has items in it that profess their faith) said that they agreed with it, as they felt that people should be able to refuse to participate in something they feel was morally against their beliefs. They then went on to give an example, saying that were they asked to cater a gay wedding, they’d refuse.

As you may imagine, the firestorm was immediate and devastating. The “we just want tolerance and respect” crowd immediately filled their Facebook page with hate, threats, denigration and they have been slammed in just about every form of media imaginable as intolerant, bigoted, and “refusing to serve gays.” There’s just one SMALL problem with that story.

By all accounts, it is being shown that that story, as told, ISN’T TRUE.

Yes, you read it right. There is more and more evidence that the story was made up out of nothing. The people never once said they wouldn’t serve gay people, and in fact had served them in their store. They never said they’d turn away a gay or lesbian couple who came and ordered food. They said that, morally, they wouldn’t feel it right to take part in an action they felt was morally wrong. (Good thing I never got eviscerated for not sleeping around or doing drugs when I was younger. Wow!)

That is, however, how it was portrayed in the media. Now, the story is coming out that this story was made up, blown out of proportion, and generally used to hang these people out to dry – but it’s too little, FAR too late. There’s no way on God’s green Earth that this will get the press coverage that the “story” did, simply because it’s not nearly as good a story, to them, as the initial one was. It certainly won’t undo the damage that has been done.





Whatever anyone may think about the issue, or wherever they may fall on the issue of gay rights, marriage, or anything else to do with that situation, how can this possibly be a fair and just response to that person’s answer? Is that really Justice? Is that true Tolerance?

So what does this have to do with my post? Just this. Many years ago, I remember Sinead O’Connor doing herself and her career some serious hurts by ripping up a picture of Pope John Paul II during a performance on Saturday Night Live while saying “Fight the real enemy.” She has been forever remembered for that. For myself, I would alter her actions and instead hold up a picture of all of the logos of all the major networks, as well as names of newspapers and magazines and tear IT up, while saying the same words. The REAL enemy, to me, is the media, and the people who believe everything they see and hear in the news broadcasts, without taking the time to check out the facts for themselves.

Friends – look at what’s happening. Lives are being destroyed. People are being hunted, and in extreme examples, killed, because they don’t fall in line with what society or the PC Police say is the “proper” way to think. People are being eviscerated simply for holding an opinion, and it’s being done by the same people who claim that THEY are the ones who just want tolerance for all. It reminds me of the old Twilight Zone episode The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street. Remember that one? It ends with the town in chaos and the two aliens standing on the hill overlooking it. During their ending monologue, one says to the other, They pick the most dangerous enemy they can find – and it is themselves. Only WE can put an end to this. Demand accountability from those who report the “news,” stand up and be counted.

That’s the encouragement for today – that’s the Boot of Truth. It’s NOT TOO LATE. If nothing else, friends – think, engage your minds and wait before you jump into the fray when something comes across your phones, Facebook, or the TV screen. Wait until all the tallies are counted before you stand up. All too often, we’re finding out that what we are being told is NOT what’s going on.

It’s just what keeps the ratings up.

God bless today, my friends.