An interesting read, for me. I hope you find it so, as well.

**Note: Being a professing follower of Christ (although a flawed and stumbling one; no perfection HERE!) this article will deal with an issue in that regard. It is my hope, however, that whatever the reader’s belief or lack of it, that they will not skip this post. I believe the articles that I am going to link here have some thought provoking ideas and may shed some light on a very onerous question that is often brought up in regards to Christianity.

Not too long ago, the current POTUS (That’s ‘President Of The United States’) made a statement that reminded us that Islam is not the only religion in history that has committed or does commit acts of violence in the name of its beliefs. Christianity has done the same, and, unfortunately, some people who claim to follow Christ still do so. Now, while there are definitely differences in the how’s and why’s of the situations, as well as the validity of those actions based on the beliefs themselves, I am not in the camp of people who immediately began screaming that he was insulting/degrading Christianity. In point of fact, he was right. I, myself, have many times said to sincere people who wanted to know how people devoted to following Christ could do the things that they have done, “Many things have been done in the name of God that God wouldn’t approve of.” It’s not meant as a cop out, nor as a way of “just getting along;” it’s the truth. My friend Hambo over at the PIGazette coined the phrase “CINO” for Christian In Name Only. I think it fits, in those cases.

Still, the question of violence committed by people who say they are Christians is an onerous one. How do we look at and answer the question, when asked sincerely, of why someone should put their faith in Christ when so many things have been done in His name that don’t seem much different than, say, ISIS? It’s a valid question, and one that needs to be answered with honesty, with reason, and above all without all the “Left Wing vs. Right Wing” “Islam vs. Christianity” trappings that are normally put on it.

I ran across this article and read it, and plan on re-reading it to continue to gain insight as I do so. I truly hope that you will do so, as well. If you take nothing else away with you, remember this – it is no more fair to paint all Christians as bad because of what has been done in the past than it is to paint all anyone else as bad for the same reason. It is not the faith, nor the Word that is at fault – it is the way in which flawed, broken human beings decide that they can follow it. 

Here is the article:

I also found this one to be quite thought provoking, and will admit that initially, I presumed it would be hostile and am glad to admit I was quite wrong – though do yourself a favor and don’t bother reading the inevitable argument that came in the “comments” section below the article:

God bless, today, my friends.