A quick funny for us, today, courtesy of Uncle Otto

There is an online radio channel that comes out of Wisconsin by the name of WRJQ. (They can be found at http://www.wrjqradio.com/ should you be interested) They play a lot of polka and old-time German oom-pah band type music and generally are just upbeat and fun to listen to. About two years or so back I found they have a show on called The Uncle Otto Show. It runs from 1200-1300 hours, CENTRAL TIME, and is a mixture of bad jokes, puns and music. Our chuckle for today comes from that show, and be ready for more in the future!

Hope you get a laugh – or a groan – to start your day!

“Say, Otto, you look worried.”
“Ja, I worry so much, I’d pay someone $1000 just to worry for me.”

“Well…you know, Otto – I’d worry for you if you like.”

“Ok, you’re hired!”

“Wow…ok – hey, wait…when do I get my $1000?” 
“Well, see – that’s your first worry, right there!”

God bless today, my friends!