Some encouragement for you today, courtesy of The Art of Manliness

As a person who struggles from time to time with his depression, I found this article (indeed, the series of articles, “Leashing the Black Dog,” which I am still working through) to be quite encouraging and refreshing to read. I will start by posting this one, as I feel that it holds the most straight from the shoulder “help,” if you will, of them all. I encourage you, however, to go back and read the entire series at your leisure. I can attest, personally, to the amount of information you will glean from them, and how eye opening they can be.

Where’s the Boot of Truth in all this? It’s here: depression is not unbeatable. THAT gets a Takedown. It’s not necessarily “curable,” either. THAT gets a Takedown. Like any other condition of the mind, it IS something that CAN be lived with and successfully dealt with, with the right help. Do the research, get the help – don’t let yourself be swayed by people who are self-proclaimed “experts.” Make the decisions that are best for you – starting with the most important one; remembering that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Depression, sorrow, melancholy – they are all as common to mankind as are joy, happiness and laughter. Don’t give in, DON’T GIVE UP. Look at the image for today’s post – I found it (no WAY I just “happened” to find it by accident) and realized how appropriate it is. Ask yourself that same question – What’s MY super power? You have one. Trust me 🙂

For my female readers/followers – don’t be put off by the website’s name, either. The “manliness” they are speaking of is not the beer-swilling, gut scratching TV sitcom kind of “man” we see today. It’s manliness in the classic sense. The article’s encouragement can apply just as readily to you, if you are also dealing with these issues. 

God bless today, my friends! HANG IN THERE.