Daily Archives: 31 March, 2015

A great gift from a friend, and a good cause!

This past Sunday I was invited to join some friends of mine for a get together at their home. When I arrived I was approached by the one hosting the get together, a great-hearted friend who presented me with the item shown in the picture below:


The item is a scarf, emblazoned with the words “To Honor And Empower” in the center and the logo of The Wounded Warrior Project on either end. It had been given to him and he, knowing not only my fondness for wearing a scarf (I have a replica of the scarf worn by Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor, which was knitted for me by my wife, the witty little knitter!) but also my love of, and support for our troops and veterans, passed it on to me. To say I was touched was an understatement, and I have worn it, proudly, since then.

Besides being a source of encouragement at a time when I truly needed it as well as a fine gift from a caring friend, it also prompted me to put out information about this group and to encourage any and all who can to consider being a part of it and supporting it. Their website is located here: http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/ and if you are anything like me, I believe you will be astounded at not only the work that is being done but the work that is planned and the myriad of ways that we, all of us can help. (Among other things, you can make a one time or monthly donation, as well as be a part of their ongoing events, spreading the word about their group, and a number of other things)

I don’t know about you, but to me it seems like the least we can do for those who have put themselves on the line to protect the freedoms we enjoy.

PS: If you do a simple Google search about the group, you will (as with most subjects today) find that there are about as many opinions on them as grains of sand on the seashore. Whether it’s this group, the Red Cross, the Disabled American Veterans, or any other charitable organization, it seems to be the same, incidentally. Some people claim that they are completely anti-gun and that they want to take your gun rights away. Others claim that they spend very little on Vets and put most of the money in their pockets. Others claim that they can do no wrong. To that end, I say this – DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH; MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND. Don’t let me, or anyone else, decide anything FOR you. Engage your own critical thinking skills, decide on the veracity of the information you are reading, and then make your own call. All I would say is that if you don’t help this group, find one that you CAN help – our Veterans and active duty personnel deserve at least that much, in my opinion.

God bless today, my friends.