A Happy Saint Patrick’s day, an’ a top o’ th’ mornin’ ta ye all!

Yours truly has a very busy day ahead of him, but I would be remiss did I not take a moment for a well deserved tip of the hat to wish those who are of Irish descent a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. It took a lot of courage to board those ships in days of yore and make the perilous journey across the seas to become Americans, but the Irish did, in those days, and my hat is off to them.

To those Americans, today, who have Irish blood in them, and are of Irish heritage, I say “Walk tall and be proud, for you have much to be proud of. Your heritage is one of perseverance in the face of hardship, both at home and abroad, and one rich in lore, story and song. Here’s to you!” (I’m raising a Guinness, of course!) 

To those who celebrate the religious aspect of the day, I suggest doing some reading on who Saint Patrick was and where he came from. The story of his life is an incredible one, and a very interesting read.

For the rest of us, be thankful that they deign to let us celebrate the day WITH them I say! 🙂

God bless today, my friend!