Daily Archives: 12 March, 2015

A great compliment paid to me by my son

The picture accompanying this blog post is that of Roger Moore in his role as Simon Templar, a.k.a. “The Saint.” In every episode, when he is either introduced to someone or is named by someone else, a little theme plays and a halo appears above his head. (I’ll digress for a moment and say that if you ever have the chance to watch the series or to read the original books by Leslie Charteris, I heartily recommend you do so. They are good, clean, imaginative fun and are very enjoyable, in my opinion.)

I have developed the habit of watching the series with my sons and, one day, said, “Wouldn’t that be a neat thing, if God did that when you met someone who was a good guy or was on the side of Good; if a halo appeared above their head?” My wife and I chuckled, and my youngest son said something like “Yeah! That would be cool.”

Then my oldest son, who is autistic, looked at me for a second and in a voice that oozed a guileless sincerity that only a person like him can achieve, said, “Well, that would definitely happen to you, Daddy, because you’re one of the good guys. You always try to do good.” 

Dear old Dad had a long moment when he had a lot of trouble trying to say anything after he said that. To say I was touched would be selling it short, as would a lot of other descriptions that I could put into words, so I won’t try. I will say that, as a Dad, I often question what kind of job I’ve done; what kind of example I’ve been or what kind of lessons I have taught my sons or things I have passed on to them. I tend to doubt myself, many times.

Sometimes, the Good Lord sees to it that I get reminded that I haven’t done so badly, after all.

Friends, don’t ever sell yourselves short as to the kind of example you may be to someone else. Whether that example is one of good or ill, you can be assured that someone notices, and someone is watching. I hope this story encourages you to go out and do all you can to be an example of good, of mercy, of kindness to others around you, every chance you get because it DOES make a difference. I was grateful that I had the chance to find out, because many don’t – but don’t let that stop you from trying.

Do good and stand for it. Someone will notice and take heart from it, even if you never know that they do.

God bless today, my friend.